Satin Dark Moist Cake

Multi-purpose mix for moist, creamy cakes with indulgent cocoa flavour, from dense chocolate cakes to lavish layer and celebration cakes.

  • Excellent shelf life
  • Contains Acti-Fresh
  • Storage: Store in a dry place between 5 and 25°C. Close packaging tightly after every use.
  • Packaging: 15kg
  • Shelf life: 9 months

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Product code: LPPPA1002
Customer advantages
  • Less waste due to consistent quality
  • Excellent shelf life
Consumer advantages
  • Luxuriously moist, creamy texture with indulgent cocoa flavour
  • More delight in every bite

Recipes you can make with Satin Dark Moist Cake

Praline Cake

Recipe for Praline Cakes

Dark Moist Cookies

Recipe for dark moist cookies

Lamington Petit Gateau

Lamington Mousse cake recipe

Whoopie Pie

Recipe for Whoopie Pie

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