Lemon, lime and bitters cake

Satin Crème Cake 2000
Water 225
Oil 275
Eggs 350
Ingredients total 2850
Lemon Cream
Ambiante 450
Deli Lemon Curd 220
Lemon Cream total 670
Bitters Cream
Ambiante 500
Bitters 50ml
Cremyvit 150
Bitters Cream total 650

Working Method

Creme Cake

  1.  Mix in planetary mixer the cake mix, eggs, oil and water with beater for 2 minutes on medium speed. 
  2.  Scrape down, then mix for 2 minutes on high speed or until mix is smooth.

  • Sheet onto trays at 1.5cm thick.

Baking Time
  1.  Bake at 180°C. 
  2.  Cut sheets to fit inside a cake ring. You will need 3 pieces per cake ring.

Make Up

Lemon Cream
  1.  Whip Ambiante as per instructions.
  2.  Mix Deli Lemon Curd into the Ambiante
  3.  Line a cake ring with acrylic tape. 
  4.  Place first cake cut-out into the bottom of the ring. 
  5.  Spread the lemon cream evenly, then place the second round cake cut-out on top.

Bitters Cream
  1.  Whip Ambiante as per instructions. 
  2.  Mix Cremyit as per instructions.
  3.  Mix bitters and Cremyvit into the Ambiante
  4.  Place the bitters cream on top of the second cake cut out and place the final cake cut-out on top. 
  5.  Chill the cake. 
  6.  Once set, remove cake ring and acrylic tape.
  7.  Decorate cake with lemon and bitters cream, lime slices and grated lime peel. 

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