As a company, we are and should be aware of the environmental impact we have; furthermore, we wish to play a responsible role in the global challenge posed by climate change. Moreover, in the food industry we are directly confronted with the problems that the use of basic ingredients can have on the biosphere. Whilst Puratos strives to increase growth, it promises to reduce its ecological footprint. On the one hand by using high-quality products that respect the environment and through our presence in numerous countries, on the other by minimizing its emission of greenhouse gases (energy converted into CO2) and reducing the amount of waste and water consumption.

Towards a more sustainable business

Always aware of how our activities might affect society and the environment, Puratos is a strong believer in the need for sustainability. As a result, we put a large amount of resources into developing solutions that we can adopt, whether in energy saving, renewable energy or waste treatment.

As much as possible, we align our efforts to minimise the impact of our activities. This is not just in terms of product manufacturing, but throughout our whole operation, including the sourcing of raw materials, packaging, warehousing, shipping and delivery. These commitments are based both on our convictions and also reflect what our customers and consumers expect from us as a global food industry actor.

The World In Their Hands