Re-invent indulgence with Smoobees: a sensory experience in cakes

Improve texture & shelf life

For consumers, taste is more than just flavour. Puratos’ Taste Tomorrow research proves that texture is now a key component too. Consumers pay as much attention to an appealing texture as to a delicious flavour. Smoobees is Puratos’ latest innovation in response to this demand. This soft and smooth inclusion brings more flavour, more texture, and more creativity to cakes and patisserie. 

Texture is a key component

Through extensive R&D, Puratos has taken this consumer insight and turned it into a revolutionary product innovation. The concept of Smoobees has its origins in molecular gastronomy, where chefs have long experimented with capturing different flavours in spheres, resulting in new sensory experiences for their consumers. Puratos adapted the idea to the needs of patisserie producers. These innovative, soft and smooth inclusions are super easy to use and bring more flavour, more texture and more creativity to cakes and patisserie. Moreover Smoobees is 100% plant-based and free of artificial colours or flavours. 

It's easy to re-invent indulgence: play, bake and enjoy!

Play: infinite creative possibilities.

Smoobees produces a creamy texture while ensuring a rich taste in every bite. These soft beads offer the perfect balance between innovative texture and classic taste. According to Group Technical Advisor Manager Boris Willo: “Existing inclusions often fail to deliver the required flavour intensity or the desired pure flavour profile patissiers are looking for. With Smoobees, we are now opening the potential for a new range of tasty creations.” 

Bake: one simple process.

Adding fillings, fresh fruit or other inclusions to cakes can often be technically challenging. Smoobees addresses this challenge without patissiers having to adapt their procedures. The beads are ready-to-use and resistant to the different steps of the industrial production process.

Enjoy: pleasure in every bite.

Smoobees offers bakers a new flavour palette to play with. For consumers, it offers a new sensory experience in cakes with natural, delicious flavours, an original appeal, and a smooth, melting texture. Moreover, thanks to its unique formulation, the flavours are present in every bite with the same intensity. Out of several sensory trials, we can conclude Smoobees is highly appreciated by consumers! 

Interested in Smoobees?

Smoobees is now available in three original flavours: lemon, blueberry and caramel. But more flavours, fruity and non-fruity, will follow! If you’re interested in experiencing what Smoobees can add to your cake offering: