Achieving NutriScore A: How Puratos's Ingredients Can Help You Create Healthier Brioche Products"

12 Apr 2023

More and more consumers worldwide prioritize healthy living. Our latest Taste Tomorrow study shows that that demand for healthier food options is on the rise. In fact, over 1 in 2 consumers (58%) are looking for food options that support their holistic health. However, taste remains a key factor, with 60% of people unwilling to compromise on flavor for health benefits.

Brioches can also be made healthier?

Traditionally, brioche is made with butter and eggs, resulting in a rich, slightly sweet, and indulgent taste that is not typically associated with healthy foods. But thanks to Puratos innovative ingredients, it's now possible to create brioche products that score an A-nutriscore without sacrificing taste or indulgence. With our solutions, you can offer your customers the best of both worlds - delicious and healthy brioche options that cater to their evolving needs and preferences.

How to develop healthier brioche?

  • Reduce fat: Puraslim, is a range of mixes and improvers that reduce (saturated) fats and calories with no compromise on taste. By using Puraslim in your brioche recipe, you can create products that remain fresh longer and are more nutritious. In addition to offering a healthier option for consumers, Puraslim can also help you manage production costs and increase efficiency. Plus, Puraslim meets clean label needs, so you can offer a more natural product to your customers.
  • Use sourdough: Our Taste Tomorrow research shows that the main driver for sourdough’s popularity is its superior taste. However, new research also suggests that sourdough can offer health benefits as well. Sourdough-fermented bread is easier to digest. Moreover, the vitamins and minerals in sourdough bread are more easily absorbed by the body, and the body can also make better use of them. By using sourdough in your brioche recipe, you can offer a healthier alternative that doesn’t compromise on taste.
  • Add grains and seeds:  Grains and seeds are a great addition to any brioche recipe. Our Taste Tomorrow research shows that today, 73% of consumers regard wholegrains as a healthy and tasty addition to their daily diet. Sproutgrain is a ready-to-use product that combines sprouted and fermented whole grains & seeds. It’s a unique ingredient that allies both health and taste.

Get inspired by new recipes

In December 2022, Taste Tomorrow released a list of the 8 most trendy and popular recipes and dishes on TikTok, and guess what? The lobster roll was one of them!

This classic dish from the US is typically made with lobster meat and mayonnaise, served on a grilled brioche bun, making it an indulgent treat. However, with the help of Puratos ingredients like Puraslim, Sapore Madre, Sapore Carmen 50, Intens Puraslim Clean Label, Sproutgrain Rye in Syrup, and Mimetic incorporation, it's possible to create a healthier and plant-based version of the brioche while still maintaining its indulgent taste. By using Eringy mushrooms as a replacement for the lobster meat, palm hearts to mimic the texture of lobster claws, and seaweed to bring out the iodine taste, this dish is both delicious and nutritious. With these simple swaps, it's even possible to achieve an A-Nutriscore for the brioche.

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