Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne, Australia

18 Feb 2022

Australian made sourdough

Puratos has now launched a range of living sourdoughs made in Melbourne, with flours grown in Australia, by farmers who practice regenerative agriculture techniques.  Each sourdough has a unique flavour profile and is nutrient dense.   In addition, the wheat and wholemeal rye flours have a single origin, making it possible for consumers to know where it is grown, the farmers, and to appreciate the positive impact on the health and the environment of local farming communities.

Sourdough is one of the most important trends in bakery.  With this new range of sourdoughs, we want to help bakers bring tasty and healthy breads on the table of Australian families, while supporting sustainable agriculture in Australia.” comments Alan Xu, General Manager of Puratos in Australia & New Zealand

Based on years of fermentation expertise, Puratos provides ready-to-use solutions helping bakers develop winning breads with unique flavours benefiting from long fermentation.

This launch is also in perfect alignment with Puratos purpose ‘to move the planet forward by creating innovative food solutions for the health & well-being of people everywhere”.

Sourdough breads are tasty and healthy

Sourdough is a natural leavening ingredient made from flour and water. In sourdoughs, a culture of natural yeasts and lactic bacteria thrive. The presence of these living microorganisms during the fermentation of the dough positively impacts the flavour complexity and the texture of the bread.  New research also indicated that sourdough fermented bread can be easier to digest too, and that this is due to the longer fermentation process.

The Future of bread lies in its past

Over 250 generations of bakers have kneaded their hearts and their souls into their breads and made it their own. New recipes, new ingredients and a string of baking techniques have all strived for one thing: to bake the best possible bread. Puratos believes that today’s bakers should have access to the expertise of these 250 generations of bakers that came before us.

That’s why Puratos researches and preserves the heritage of bread in its Sourdough Library, re-introduces traditional ingredients like sourdoughs and specialty grains and works on innovations inspired by nature.

It’s all about enabling bakers to join the tradition, and create their future with their very own, authentic signature breads. Rustic Style breads that go back to the roots of baking.