Many of today’s consumers look for traditional products made out of natural, sustainably sourced ingredients. When it comes to baked goods in particular, quality, taste and freshness are key factors in purchasing decisions.

Puratos’ leading Sourdoughs allow you to produce fresh, tasty and high-quality bread products easily and quickly. Increasing productivity, enhancing aromas and expanding product possibilities, our sourdough range provides satisfaction and convenience for consumers, bakers and industrials alike.   

Now we at Puratos Australia & New Zealand are busy launching a range of living sourdoughs made in Melbourne, with local flour's grown here in Australia, by farmers who practice regenerative agriculture techniques.

Each sourdough has a unique flavour profile and is and is nutrient dense, with  high fibre and protein content.  In addition, the wheat and wholemeal rye flours have single origin, making it possible for consumers to know where it is grown, the farmers, and to appreciate the positive impact on the health and environment of local farming communities. 

What is sourdough and how is it used in bread?

Sourdough is a natural leavening ingredient consisting of flour and water. Also known as bread starter, levain, masa madre, lievito naturale or Sauerteig, sourdough gives baked products their structure and taste. Micro-organisms within the sourdough use the starch and minerals found in flour to ferment and increase the volume of bread, while organic molecules create the flavours.

Originating in ancient Egypt, sourdough methods and recipes were passed down from generation to generation for thousands of years. It remained the principal form of leavening until the Middle Ages, and is still a popular bread option today.

What are the advantages of using sourdough?

Sourdough offers a natural form of leavening that enhances the taste and nutritional value of baked bread products. In this way, it satisfies the demands of customers looking for tasty, healthy breads made from natural ingredients. Sourdough also enables bakers to vary their breads, as different types of sourdough bring out different product qualities.

At Puratos, we believe that the future of bread lies in its past. Over the years we’ve developed expertise in natural fermentation and knowledge of baking cultures from all over the world. Drawing on this knowledge, we’ve created Sapore – a range of natural bakery sourdoughs that provide consistent quality, convenience and exceptional diverse flavours.



O-tentic Durum


Based on natural fermentation, O-tentic Durum is the start of exceptional breads full of taste, flavor and texture.

Softgrain Sprouted Rye CL


Softgrain Sprouted Rye CL is a ready-to-use cooked (sprouted and fermented) rye grains infused with sourdough.

Sapore Traviata


Sapore Traviata is a mild rye sourdough in powder form, designed for French and Italian style breads.

Softgrain 5 CL


Softgrain are tender sprouts, wholegrains and seeds infused with sourdough. It associates the benefits of wholegrain with natural freshness and superior taste.

Sapore Attila Tempo


Sapore Attila Tempo is an inactive stabilized liquid wholemeal rye sourdough. It is made with regenerately farmed flour made with single origin flour.

Sapore Daphne Tempo


Sapore Daphne is a wheat-based liquid sourdough inspired by the iconic sourdoughs of San Francisco. With a balanced acidity and slightly floral notes. Use at higher levels for more pronounced acidity. Perfectly compliments a wide range of baked goods such as laminated items, toast breads and hamburger buns.

Sapore Rigoletto


Sapore Rigoletto is a wheat sponge in powder form with a toasted flavour profile.

Center For Bread Flavour

Located in St. Vith, Belgium, the Center For Bread Flavour gives customers, scientists and Puratos employees the chance to share their passion for bread and best practice in achieving perfect flavours. It is also home to our famous Sourdough Library.


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