3 ways to attract and bake for Gen-Z

13 Jun 2023

In the fast-paced world of modern baking, one demographic has captured the attention of bakers around the globe: Gen Z. This young and vibrant generation is changing the game, with new and exciting expectations for their bread. As a baker or food manufacturer, attracting and keeping up with Gen Z can be challenging, but it's becoming increasingly essential for staying competitive. Gen Z makes up approximately 30% of the world's population and has considerable spending power, so it's crucial to appeal to their values and preferences. At Puratos, we're committed to helping you meet their demands. 

Here are three ways bakers can attract Gen Z:

Make bread that doesn’t go to waste

Today's younger generations are putting a great deal of thought into the foods they eat, as they are aware of how their choices affect their community and the planet. A tangible shift driven by this increased sustainability awareness is their concern over having to throw away bread. 75% don't like wasting bread, and more than 20% won't buy a new loaf after throwing an unused one away.* It can be concluded that Gen-Z typically embraces the authenticity of more traditional recipes, without comprising the more sustainable shelf-life of today’s modern bread. 

In the global fight against bread waste, enzymes are a vital ally in bread. They extend shelf life, preserve freshness, and combat spoilage, promoting sustainability. Derived from natural fermentation, enzymes seamlessly integrate into the bread-making process, meeting the desires of GEN Z for authentic food experiences. Intens Freshness, a leading clean(er) label Puratos solution, demonstrates the efficacy of enzymes in maintaining bread's softness and moistness throughout its shelf-life, avoiding bread waste.

Smaller bread, bigger impact

Additionally, in a world of smaller households and on-the-go lifestyles, traditional-sized loaves are more likely to lead to bread waste for Gen-Z. That's why smaller portions are the smart solution. By offering perfectly proportioned bites of bread, bakeries can cater to Gen-Z's needs while minimizing waste. Furthermore, smaller portions can align with the values of Gen-Z regarding health and well-being. As they prioritize healthier lifestyles, they may prefer smaller portions of bread to help manage their calorie intake and maintain a balanced diet. Puratos’s Taste Tomorrow research confirms that 59% of all consumers prefer not to compromise on taste, and rather consume smaller portions instead in their quest for a healthier lifestyle. It's time to embrace the power of bite-sized delights that leave a big impression. One example of a newly launched bite-size bread mix is Puratos’s Puravita Break

Keep up with the pace of change

Trending sourdough croissants, pretzels, and viral Panettone recipes. These digitally native youngsters are transforming the bakery industry online. Puratos is at the forefront to help you utilize search and social media insights, with Taste Tomorrow: the largest ecosystem dedicated to consumer understanding in the bakery, patisserie, and chocolate sectors worldwide. At Taste Tomorrow, we stay ahead of the curve by combining the latest digital technologies and semantic artificial intelligence techniques. We leverage a diverse range of sources to collect data, including surveys with over 17,000 consumers across 40 countries, discussions with 80 foodies in trend-setting cities, and interviews with customers and industry experts. This data is complemented by a global trend-spotting network, exhaustive sensory research, and unique partnerships with researchers, flavor houses, and universities. The result? Fresh insights into health, convenience, experience, digital, and more, to help you keep up with Gen-Z. Be inspired, and check out the 2022 hypes you might have missed on Taste Tomorrow

Helping you bake for Gen-Z

Gen-Z continues to shape the food industry with its digital mindset and conscious consumerism, it's clear that their impact goes beyond a slice of bread. Their choices have the power to contribute to a healthier planet. By staying attuned to their desires, bakers can not only attract Gen-Z but also contribute to a more sustainable and innovative future of bread. Do you want to know more about Puratos’s bakery ingredient range? Or are you seeking recipe inspiration for your next bread launch? Share it with us. Our experts are happy to help you with whatever challenge you may have.