Vegan bounty bars

Coconut, dessicated 180
Coconut Cream 70
Coconut Oil 35
Golden Syrup 45
Topfil Passionfruit 100
Belcolade Noir Organic 74 350
Ingredients total 780

Working Method

Coconut Mixture
  1. Place all ingredients into a blender. (Hint: make sure the coconut oil is warm) 
  2. Blend until all ingredients start to form a paste, but is still crumbly to touch.
  3. Weigh up 25 grams portions.

  1. Pipe Topfil Passionfruit onto a silicone mat and blast chill until firmly frozen.

  1. Divide the 25 gram portions into half.
  2. Mould two strips. 
  3. Using your finger, make an indent in one strip.
  4. Place the frozen Topfil Passionfruit into the indent and top with the second coconut strip.
  5. Give the bar the final shape (making sure the passionfruit stays in the centre) and refrigerate.

  1. Coat the refrigerated coconut bars with dark chocolate.
  2. Once set, use a piping bag to pipe a desired design on top of the coated bars.