Our way of acting

The Puratos magic

Everywhere we work, we get close to people.

We work hard to understand the culture of the country and their unique way of doing things. This is for two reasons: to better serve the customers in those countries, but also to immerse ourselves so we can share and celebrate that culture locally and globally.

With diversity we combine consistency: we share the same values and we have developed a common way of doing things globally – we call it the ‘Puratos magic’. It all comes from our experience of working across cultures with the very best bakers, patissiers and chocolatiers.

Inspiration & innovation

For everyone we work with, we want to be a source of new ideas and confidence. We think that people increasingly expect higher standards in their food – standards of both quality and inspiration. So we work with our customers as reliable partners in innovation to help meet these expectations. And our approach is based on six core Puratos values, detailed below.

Team Spirit

Team spirit is an essential part of the way we do business. We believe that the whole exceeds the sum of the parts. put simply, by working together we can achieve more and have more fun.


With great passion we help our customers to grow their business through new ideas. With great passion we create a working environment that stimulates people to develop, and rewards their enthusiasm with trust and support.


In everything we do, ethics drive our decisions. Being true to our conscience, maintaining our professional standards, honouring our commitments and assuring absolute food safety.


Passion is nothing without courage. Seizing opportunities requires a certain amount of bravery: never be afraid to try new things.


Getting it right first time, every time – and always looking to improve. There’s no better expression of our daily drive for quality.


Innovation requires vision. The vision to build on experience. to search eagerly for new horizons. and to help our customers to prepare for an everchanging future.

Our organisation

Learn more about the Puratos organisation, a global, customer-centred organisation and close-knit family company.



Innovation is our greatest asset and our unique selling point which is confirmed when you look back at our rich history.