Adjoumani, Cacao-Trace farmer

Earlier this year, in October, we visited Ivory Coast to meet with actors involved in our Cacao Trace programme. 

16 Dec 2018

Our Commitments

A win-win situation for all

Within this programme we are working with selected local farmer communities.
We were able to speak with Adjoumani, 38, married and father of 2 young kids.
Before joining our project life was not easy for him, especially financially.

His farm was not producing well, so he borrowed money from someone who used his farm in return. Thanks to the training provided by Cacao Trace experts he started adopting and applying  better and adapted agricultures practices. Adjoumani was amazed by the results of this new way of farming.

Cacao Trace changed his life.
And thanks to his contribution we are able to create exceptional chocolate.
A win-win for everybody, from farmer to consumer!



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