Best vegan baking substitutes for eggs, butter, and dairy

23 May 2024

Demand for plant-based products continues to soar as consumers seek out healthier and more environmentally friendly foods. Don’t just take our word for it. Our Taste Tomorrow consumer research found that:

  • 63% of consumers agree that plant-based food has a positive impact on the environment compared to animal-based food
  • 58% believe that plant-based food is healthier than animal-based food
  • 57% agree that plant-based food is more natural

When it comes to sweet bakery products, we found that 56% of consumers are interested in plant-based options.

The opportunity that producing fully or partially plant-based options offers is significant for food manufacturers and producers of all kinds. 

One of the main challenges has been replacing butter, eggs, and milk with non-dairy alternatives. At Puratos, we have a range of substitutes for your vegan baking and patisserie needs that can help you meet consumer demand for plant-based goods as well as offer an array of additional benefits from improved convenience, hygiene, and sustainability throughout the production process.

Plant-based egg substitutes

Finding a plant-based egg wash that can offer a golden-brown, glossy finish, as well as perform the necessary sealing and adhesion of certain recipes is the key to creating high-quality vegan baked goods. 

In addition to this, a quality vegan egg wash can mitigate a number of the limitations of using eggs when baking, from removing allergy risks to greatly reducing hygiene issues from cross-contamination to improper handling and storage. 

Sunset Glaze (vegan egg wash)

Sunset Glaze is the perfect solution for making vegan baked goods that have an exceptionally indulgent visual appeal. This plant-based glaze gives your finished goods an outstanding shine and color to catch the eye of your customers, whether they’re vegan or not. As Sunset Glaze is produced using UHT technology, it is sterile when it comes out of the pack, making it much more hygienic. It's also easy to clean, simplifying your production process.

Sunset Glaze is a versatile option that works on a variety of products, making it an excellent choice for almost any recipe. If you’re looking to improve the visual appeal of your products, Sunset Glaze can make them look fresher and more indulgent without adding unwanted flavor.

Popular uses for Sunset Glaze:

Easy Soft’r Plant-Based

When it comes to sweet bakery, 56% of consumers are interested in plant-based options. Using a plant-based sweet bakery mix is a great way to embrace the wave of health and sustainability and meet the growing consumer demand whilst catering to diverse dietary needs. 

Our Easy Soft’r Plant-based range not only lowers environmental impact (reducing your environmental impact by as much as 55%) but also offers cost-effective solutions for delicious, allergen-friendly bakery products.

Popular uses for Easy Soft’r Plant-based:

This sweet bakery mix can be used for a wide variety of applications from brioche to panettone to other soft bread, offering a delicate and refined, melt-in-the-mouth texture as well as added freshness and flavor. This versatility allows producers to streamline their production processes and offer a diverse selection of plant-based bakery items.

Popular products include:

Vegan butter substitutes

If up to 40% of a recipe is fat, finding a dairy substitute that offers the same texture, buttery flavor, and workability for your products is key to creating great-tasting vegan recipes that satisfy the rise in consumer demand. 

In addition to creating a quality vegan product, using a non-dairy butter also offers many additional benefits to food manufacturers from significantly reducing the environmental impact to improved cost efficiency and longer shelf-life of end-products.


Mimetic is our premium plant-based butter range. This range offers plant-based specialty fats for lamination, incorporation into dough, or any multipurpose application for bakery or patisserie. Mimetic technology guarantees superior workability during lamination and an excellent buttery mouthfeel.

The benefit of using Mimetic isn’t purely the ability to offer premium plant-based products to your customers, there is a huge environmental benefit. We conducted a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to determine the environmental impact of Mimetic as compared to the impact of dairy butter. The study found that Mimetic’s impact on the environment is almost 3 times lower than that of dairy butter. In addition to this, Mimetic products are made with 100% RSPO segregated certified palm oil, are 100% additive-free, and clean label options are readily available.

For more information on the environmental impact of using Mimetic versus butter, take a look at our blog article: Mimetic A Sustainable Alternative To Dairy Fats

Popular uses for Mimetic

The Mimetic range can be used for a variety of different products perfect for large and small industrial manufacturers and pastry producers. Popular products include:

Plant-based dairy alternatives

Finding a vegan dairy substitute that can produce impressive whipped decorations and indulgent creamy fillings is vital to creating the most visually appealing and desirable vegan baked goods possible.

Additionally, removing dairy from the process comes with a number of benefits from improved stability and convenience as well as much easier storage and transportation of ingredients.

Ambiante (plant-based whippable topping)

Ambiante, our range of plant-based whippable toppings, is made to allow food producers, bakery, and pastry manufacturers of all sizes the opportunity to create showstopping vegan recipes that satisfy consumer demand for impressive and delicious plant-based baked goods.

From bite-size snacks to cupcakes to celebration cakes and more, Ambiante makes it possible to create perfect long-lasting decorations. We’ve designed Ambiente to be extremely smooth, easy to spread, and easy to color, giving you endless possibilities to decorate your cakes! 

Popular uses for Ambiante

  • Cupcakes: Similarly, you can use Ambiante to top cupcakes, adding a light and fluffy texture. It can be flavored or colored to complement the cupcakes' flavor and appearance.
  • Pastries: Fill pastries such as cream puffs, éclairs, or Danish pastries. Its light and airy texture can enhance the taste and presentation of these baked goods.
  • Desserts: Ambiante can be used as a topping for various desserts such as pies, tarts, fruit salads, or parfaits. Its creamy texture adds a delicious finishing touch, enhancing the overall appeal.
  • Beverages: Garnish hot or cold beverages like coffee, hot chocolate, milkshakes, or smoothies adding an extra creamy and indulgent element.
  • Frozen treats: Top ice cream sundaes, frozen yogurt, or other frozen treats with Ambiante. Its light and fluffy texture can complement the richness of frozen desserts, creating a delightful contrast.
  • Dairy-free alternatives: Plant-based whippable topping can be used in recipes that traditionally call for dairy-based whipped cream or frosting, providing a dairy-free alternative for individuals with dietary restrictions or preferences.

Cremfil (dairy-free cream filling)

Cremfil is a dairy-free range of ready-to-use cream fillings especially designed for bakery goods and pastries. Not only can it be used to create indulgent vegan-friendly recipes but it can help to remove a litany of issues manufacturers have to face when using dairy products.

The benefits of choosing a non-dairy cream filling like Cremfil include:

  • Suitable for consumers with lactose intolerance
  • Reduces the risk of cross-contamination of dairy allergens
  • Removes logistical issues of refrigeration and storage
  • Offers a longer shelf life than dairy products
  • Consistent and high-quality flavor profiles
  • Greater textural stability when exposed to heat, air, or mechanical stress
  • A more reliable and consistent supply and much less susceptible to issues of seasonality, market fluctuations, and supply chain disruptions

When it comes to cream fillings, stability is absolutely essential. Cremfil remains stable in manual and automatic application methods and throughout different production processes such as extrusion, injection, and depositing. It can also be applied before and after baking and can be used in ambient-stored bakery and patisserie goods.

Popular uses for Cremfil

Cremfil is ideal for many types of bakery and patisserie products, with medium to long shelf life. Popular uses include:


Carat is our range of great-tasting fat-based fillings used to add a deliciously chocolatey filling to recipes of all kinds. With a variety of flavors and textures to choose from, from cocoa to chocolate, dark to white, and with or without nuts, this range is perfectly suited to the needs and ambitions of today’s bakers and patissiers - artisan or industry.

It is supremely convenient and easy to use - simply stir and apply and is suitable for all types of sweet goods where you want to add filling from multi-purpose to extreme bake stable to easy injectable. 

With low water activity, it’s ideal for dry applications (excluding biscuits and cookies) with a long shelf life and can be used in fresh & frozen sweet bakery & patisserie applications too.

Not only is Carat plant-based but it is also gluten-free and sugar-reduced too, making it perfect for recipes that serve a more health-conscious consumer.