How egg-wash substitutes are changing the game for industrial food manufacturers

23 May 2024

Whether you’re an artisan baker or an industrial manufacturer, you’ll know that the appearance of your finished goods is vitally important. How a product looks is the first thing consumers will notice. From our Taste Tomorrow consumer research, we know that a glossy shine on a product improves the perceived freshness and indulgence for consumers making a significant impact on consumers' likelihood to purchase. 

One way to achieve this perfect finish is by using an egg wash. Egg wash or egg glaze is brushed onto the surface of the pastry before baking, giving it a glossy golden brown finish and a flaky, crisp texture. However, egg-based glazing solutions come with a number of challenges, such as hygiene issues (due to handling raw eggs), over-browning and allergy considerations. 

In this article, we explore the benefits of using egg-wash substitutes like our Puratos Sunset Glaze to achieve the same desired outcome but with fewer risks.  

The benefits of using Sunset Glaze egg -  wash alternative  

This vegan egg glaze is more than a high-quality plant-based substitute for an egg wash. As well as allowing food manufacturers to create products with a brilliant glossy shine, it offers a number of additional benefits that help you make better quality goods that last longer through a more convenient and safe production process. 

1. Convenience

One of the biggest game-changing benefits of using an egg-wash alternative like Sunset Glaze is the vast improvement in convenience throughout the production processes. 

Sunset Glaze comes ready to use so there’s no preparation needed. And with no eggs in the mix, it makes the working and preparation environment much cleaner as well as making the cleaning of equipment much easier. 

When it comes to storage, egg substitutes come into their own. Sunset Glaze has a shelf life of 9 months and is stored at an ambient temperature without the need to be refrigerated. 

One major contributor to many manufacturers' bottom line is the instability in egg prices over time. Without relying on eggs, we can ensure a stable price and availability all year round removing those unnecessary strains on the production process.

Industrial packaging of up to 1000-liter containers is available to suit food manufacturer’s needs.

2. Versatility

In every sense, Sunset Glaze is a supremely versatile egg-wash alternative. Not only does it work perfectly with all industrial equipment and baking processes but it can be used for any application too. 

Whether you use a spinning disc, spray nozzle, or a roll system, Sunset Glaze has been tried and tested to perform perfectly and can be applied before or after baking on fresh or frozen applications.

As Sunset Glaze is unflavored, it’s an ideal alternative egg glaze for bread in both sweet and savory applications. Whether you’re making burger buns, brioche, viennoiserie, soft bread, or cakes it’ll provide the perfect glossy shine you’re looking for. You can also dilute Sunset Glaze to adapt the shine and color to your needs and also reduce the cost per use

3. Performance

Some manufacturers may be hesitant to use an egg-wash alternative having doubts as to whether it’s possible to get the same high-quality finish without the hassle of using eggs - we’re here to say, you can. We found that our Sunset Glaze actually improves the shine after baking offering a homogeneous shine and golden color without any need for eggs. 

What’s more, using Sunset Glaze makes your final product non-sticky meaning they’re contact wrappable for large manufacturing vastly improving the final product for large-scale producers.

4. Hygiene and safety

Removing eggs from the equation is a massive bonus for the hygiene and food safety of the production of baked goods. Not only does it mean there’s no chance of cross-contamination of allergens for consumers but it also reduces the risk of bacterial contamination too.

Without eggs being used it makes the equipment and general working environment much more hygienic and can massively improve the working environment for staff as there is no bad smell in the production process when using Sunset Glaze as opposed to using eggs.

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