Offer your customers the freshest bread in no time

7 Dec 2022

Bread improvers

Double Bake Color, our parbaked bread improver, gives a significantly faster crust coloration to bakery producs that can save you up to 60% of time of bake-off. Instead of a 10-minute bake-off, the bread is ready to serve with a delicious-looking golden crust after only 4 minutes! 

This huge cut in bake-off time also reduces dryness, keeping bread fresher for longer, enabling you to offer fresh, crusty, golden bread and baked goods to consumers all day long.

Freshness defines quality for consumers

Our Taste Tomorrow research confirms that consumers perception of quality baked items is mostly driven by the freshness attribute, but also smell, look, crunchiness and short shelf life. As a result, baked goods producers want to offer the freshest bread to their customers using parbaking method. Frozen bake-off is a great way for bakers, supermarkets and industrial bakery manufacturers to serve fresh, warm and crusty bread, pizza, small and medium bakery items to consumers. 

However, we know that this process comes with its own set of challenges:

  • Several bake-offs are needed during the day to offer the freshest and crispiest bread to consumers throughout the day.
  • There is often inconsistency throughout different outlets when it comes to color and level of freshness.
  • Bakers, and increasingly consumers, want to reduce waste from unsold bread and manage costs better.
We are delighted to offer our customers a solution!

Great results for everyone with no manufacturing changes

Our bread improver, Double Bake Color, offers a range of advantages to our customers and consumers. What's even more impressive is that it can be used without any changes in manufacturing conditions. 

Advantages for you:

  • Fresher and more appealing bakery products: golden crust with no flaking and a crumb that maintains the humidity and freshness for longer
  • Energy saving thanks to shorter bake-off time
  • Improved consistency of product appearance
  • Faster reaction to consumer demand at point-of-sale and better waste control


Interested in trying Double Bake Color or other products from our Double Bake range? Please contact your local sales representative today. 

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