Taking control of nutrition, for better health: a snapshot from our latest sustainability report 

15 Jun 2022

Our Commitments

In today’s world, consumers not only want to lead a healthier lifestyle, but they are also increasingly seeking more control over what they consume and making sure it aligns with their personal goals. Whether it’s calorie counting, diet mapping or micro/macronutrients tracking, people want to take matters into their own hands – and why shouldn’t they? 

Pretty young teenage girl taking a bite of a healthy brown wholegrain roll as she enjoys a healthy breakfast at home with a glass of fresh orange juice

As ingredient suppliers, we can do more to make this journey to better health easier – and our latest Sustainability Report demonstrates exactly what we are doing to help! In 2021, we made great progress in our commitments to you and to future generations by providing nutritious, functional ingredients tailored to the consumer trends we keep on top of. Let’s recap on what those long-term commitments are…

A healthy trio for success:

  1. Further decrease sugar, sodium and saturated fat.
  2. Increase the intake of fibre-rich grains, nuts, seeds and fruits.
  3. Offer even more alternative clean(er) label, organic, gluten-free and plant-based solutions.

Striking the right balance

With the aim to systematically optimize the nutritional values of new and existing products, we increased the availability of ingredients recognized for their positive impact on health (such as fruits, fibers and wholegrains) and decreased the presence of ingredients such as salt, certain fats and sugars. 

At Puratos, we understand that removing the bad is just as important as providing the good. And we have a duty to hold ourselves accountable for the products we put out there for the world. For example, reducing salt content helps consumers adhere to the 5g of salt per day limit as recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO). So, how did we do in 2021?

Last year we enabled the removal of 9,264 tonnes of fat in our customers’ products: that’s the equivalent to 9 million bottles of oil! And our sugar- and salt-reduced ingredients meant our customers could cut 1,236 tonnes of sugar (equivalent to over 7 million sugar dispensers) and 110 tonnes of salt (950,000 saltshakers) from their recipes. 2021 also saw the use of almost 42,000 tonnes of cereals and grains and nearly 17,000 tonnes of delicious fruit in our products.

Investing in your future

To support our R&D teams and ensure nutritious NPD, we also updated and published our nutritional guidelines in 2021. These act internally and externally as a vital global framework for product innovations and reformulations. Based on the nutritional guidelines set by the WHO, they are the result of in-depth collaboration and represent the standard used by all Puratos researchers when developing new products updating or improving existing ones. We constantly invest in R&D so we can continue to improve the health profile of our products as well as getting a better understanding of their impact on health and well-being.  

Improving trust and reliability 

Quality is another key element in delivering our mission to improve the lives of people and protect the planet. To achieve this, we focus on best-in-class food safety management systems and driving a mindset of continuous improvement. We’ve also set ourselves the goal of making 100% of Puratos facilities certified according to one of the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) standards. In 2021, 97.5% of Puratos products were certified. We’re nearly at our goal and won’t stop until we get there – then we’ll keep going after that! 

Food innovation for good

The progress we’re making isn’t limited to creating better health as we are also active contributors to a better planet and a better life for generations today and tomorrow. We’re all about transparency and that’s why we will always bring our customers, partners, employees and general public along on this journey. We’re in it together!


Want to know more? Download the full Sustainability Report here, or get in touch with our team of experts.