How to create a plant-based dessert? by Michel Eyckerman and Kris De Roy

Enter a world of plant-based desserts with Belcolade Technical Advisor Michel Eyckerman and Chef-Owner of Michelin-Star and Green-Star restaurant Hofke van Bazel Kris De Roy. Using Belcolade Selection W. Plant-based Cacao-Trace, they’re proving that plant-based creations can be both conscientious and delicious.

The challenge? To create a plant-based dessert that rivals traditional desserts in taste and appeal.

The result? The Lunar Tube: a plant-based dessert that combines the creamy, nutty, and vanilla notes of Belcolade Selection W. Plant-based Cacao-Trace with fresh raspberries and bergamot zest, demonstrating the potential of plant-based ingredients.

Watch our video and dive into the world of plant-based desserts.

The recipe: Lunar Tube

The recipe: Lunar Tube

Master this innovation recipe by following the step-by-step instructions provided by Michel Eyckerman and Kris De Roy. Let’s create chocolate magic!

Plant-based deliciousness

Let’s create a plant-based dessert

Indulge in plant-based deliciousness as the trend continues to surge, with 56% of consumers expressing a keen interest in plant-based options, according to a Taste Tomorrow survey*. For chefs, pastry chefs, and chocolatiers, this trend sparks a journey to discover the perfect ingredients for crafting a flavorful experience that competes with traditional desserts. This unique dessert from Michel Eyckerman, Belcolade Technical Advisor, and Kris De Roy, Chef-Owner of Michelin-star restaurant Hofke van Bazel, proves that it is possible.

Why did you choose to work with a plant-based couverture?

Michel Eyckerman: “It’s a fascinating product to work with. Recently, demand for plant-based alternatives to chocolate has been rapidly increasing. This shift is not only due to more people adopting a plant-based lifestyle but also because there's a growing desire for more conscious eating.

Kris De Roy: “I notice this trend in my restaurant too. That's why I always provide an alternative to meat and fish dishes. Occasionally, I even create an all-plant-based course, incorporating fruits and vegetables from my garden, which is always well received.”

Are there already enough alternatives for making plant-based desserts?

Michel Eyckerman: “Regarding chocolate, Belcolade now provides a complete range of plant-based dark, milk, and white couvertures. Developing a plant-based alternative to white chocolate presents challenges, but we've successfully crafted a couverture that is not only delicious but also easy to use.”

What can you combine the couverture with?

Michel Eyckerman: “Thanks to its well-rounded taste profile, you can easily combine it with fruit, caramel, and nuts.”

Kris De Roy: “While brainstorming about our dessert, we came up with the idea of adding raspberries. The vibrant red color contrasts beautifully with the white of the Belcolade couverture and the flavors complement each other perfectly.”

Are you happy with the result?

Kris De Roy: “Certainly, it presents beautifully and is very tasty. Also, you can't tell that it's plant-based, which I like.”

Belcolade selection w. plant-based cacao-trace

Full body and creamy plant-based white couverture, with gentle nutty and vanilla background, heightened with delicate honey notes. Perfect for classic and plant-based pastry, dessert, and chocolate applications.

  • Creamy texture and balanced taste
  • Beautiful shine and color for your white creations
  • Sustainable: Cacao-Trace certified
Belcolade selection w. plant-based cacao-trace

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*Source: Innova Category Survey Chocolate 2023 / Trends survey 2023.