Launch of Belcolade Selection Cacao-Trace

15 Jan 2018


Launch of Belcolade Selection Cacao-Trace

Puratos believes it is vitally important there is a sustainable cocoa supply chain in the future. Therefore we launch two of the finest chocolates available on the market today: Belcolade Selection Lait and Noir Cacao-Trace made with certified Cacao-Trace™ beans. (CT C501/J and CT O3X5/J).

Great taste for years and years and years

Our conventional Belcolade Selection range is already well known for its great taste and excellent performance. With our new addition, Belcolade Selection Lait and Noir Cacao-Trace, we’ve raised the bar still further. The new sustainable milk and dark chocolates are both highly versatile, balanced chocolates with a fresh fruity note and slightly roasted cocoa taste.

Becolade Selection Cacao-Trace confirms its superior taste, as it was the most preferred chocolate in a consumer taste test*. And per kilo of chocolate sold, a Chocolate Bonus of 10 cents goes back to the cocoa farmers.


Adding quality to the sustainable formula

Cacao-Trace™ has all the classical elements of sustainable certification programmes but is unique in 2 ways:

  1. Superior taste through controlled fermentation 
    Just as with wine and bread, fermentation is an essential stage in developing the flavour potential of each cocoa bean. This high added-value phase is controlled under the strict supervision of Puratos which guarantees better tasting chocolate.
  2. An extra “Chocolate Bonus”.
    With Cacao-Trace™, Puratos pays a “Chocolate Bonus” of 10 cents back to farmers for every kilo of chocolate purchased, 100% of which goes back to cocoa farmers in the producing countries. It’s a redistribution of wealth between consumers and cocoa farmers to ensure coca farming remains an attractive business in the future.

Simply more value for money

Not only will you get superior tasting chocolate, but a great story you can tell your customers. With clever in-store communication, you can show your products are made with respect both for cocoa farmers and the environment and that you are actively contributing to the future of great tasting chocolate.

Taste the difference yourself

Available in viscosity J, our new sustainable milk and dark chocolates are ideal for all your baking needs. Taste the difference yourself with these recipes

Interested to know more?

Looking to have a chat with one of our local Puratos representatives and to explore the endless possibilities that Belcolade Selection Cacao-Trace can provide? We would love to help! Find where we are located in the world and related contact details :

*tested with 192 consumers at a risk of 10%