Pie (Fruit tarts, Crumble)

Puratos ingredients to create Pie (Fruit tarts, Crumble)


Ambiante is a non-dairy cream for extra stable cake decorations. Ambiante makes it possible to create perfect long-lasting decorations, all without cracks or colouration.

Sunset Glaze

Ready-to-use egg-wash alternative for glazing sweet or savoury products.

Fruitfil Baker's Apricot

Apricot flavoured filling used for filling bakery products

Belcolade Lait Selection 03X5/G

Belcolade Lait Selection is a milk chocolate with a pleasant cocoa taste and sensation of honey. Contains 35% cocoa.

Fruitfil Baker's Seedless Raspberry

Seedless raspberry flavoured filling used for filling bakery products

Carat Coverlux White

A multipurpose premium compound which has an excellent chocolate taste as well as a fine and smooth texture. Sweet dairy notes and vanilla with a natural cocoa butter colour.

Topfil Passionfruit

Topfil Passionfruit contains 18% passionfruit and is a ready-to-use filling for toppings or filling for pastries.

Fruitfil Baker's Blueberry

Blueberry flavoured filling used for filling bakery products

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