Cheesecake sustainable


Working Method

Graham Crackers
Cut the flour, sugar, salt, baking soda, and 85 grams of mimetic to a sandy texture. And add the honey and water. Laminate at 3mm, dock, and bake. When cooled down, process it to powder and add the 317 gr of melted mimetic incorporation and shape the bottom of the cheesecake ring.

Cheese Cake Filling
Apply the Deli cheesecake directly from the pail to the ring and bake.

Wild Blueberry Topping
Add the topfil on top of the bake cheesecake.

In a pre-greased ring apply, press down the graham cracker, and cool down. Add the Deli cheesecake and bake. When baked cool down and let mature the cheesecake overnight, add the topfil before serving.


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