Bread improvers

For more than 60 years, Puratos has been pioneering improvements in bread production. Our bread improvers offer the unique benefits of vertical integration through the production of enzymes and natural sourdough.

Whether you’re in the fresh, packaged or frozen bread sector, our improvers will help you overcome production challenges and ensure top-quality products. Our portfolio is also extensive, ranging from complete multi-purpose improvers to tailor-made modular approaches, so you’re bound to find the solution that fits your requirements.


What are the advantages of using bread improvers?

Bread improvers provide peace of mind. They help you control all the uncertainties within the bread production process, such as variations in temperature, humidity, flour and labour. In this way, they enable you to ensure consistent premium results with every batch you bake.

Bread improvers


Intens Freshness image

Soft'r Intens Freshness

Bread improver

Intens Freshness is a modular solution that improves the freshness of bakery products.

Soft Bread

Soft'r Alpaga A+

Bread improver

Improver for soft breads and rolls. Formulated to bring freshness, shelf life, volume and tolerance.

Intens Resilience image

Soft'r Intens Resilience

Bread improver

Intens Resilience is a modular solution that enhances the resilience of soft bakery products, helping them to gain their original shape after compression.


Bread improver

An improver in powder form for the production of unfermented frozen dough for bread and rolls.


Bread improver

A high-quality clean(er) label multi-purpose improver that guarantees great volume, dough tolerance and freshness, even under very challenging conditions. S500 is highly versatile; you only need one improver for all types of yeast-raised baked goods applications.