Mimetic 20

Mimetic is a new generation of fat that allows chefs to create superior quality croissants, danishes, and puff pastry products with the traditional French viennoiserie touch.

It is also designed to be used as a butter replacement for short-crust applications.

  • Peace of mind due to price volatility of butter
  • Great workability
  • Improved freshness on the shelf
  • Delicious authentic taste
Customer advantages
  • Delivers top quality laminated viennoiserie and puff pastry
  • Crispy, melting, intense taste, golden crust and perfect layering
  • Works in direct and frozen processes
  • Prolongs the freshness of laminated baked goods
  • Great workability, excellent plasticity
Consumer advantages
  • Exquisite fresh laminated products
  • A perfect short, moist and crispy bite
  • Excellent melting experience
  • Delicious intense taste

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