Hot Cross Buns

Grams Percentage (%)
Flour 1000 100
Milk 500 50
Fresh Yeast 60 6
Salt 20 2
Sugar 50 5
Butter 130 13
Eggs 100 10
S500CL 15 1.5
Sapore Fidelio 15 1.5
Mixed Spice 30 3
Sultanas 250 25
Currants 200 20
Ingredients total 2370
Soft Flour 300
Water 320
Vegetable Oil 50
Modified Wheat Starch 10
Decoration total 680
Decoration after baking
Sunset Glaze 1000
Fine Caster Sugar 800
Decoration after baking total 1800
Hot cross buns recipe

Working Method


  1.  Before baking, cross mix recipe: Soft flour 300g, water +/- 320g, vegetable oil 50g, modified wheat starch 10g.
  2.  Once baked, finish with a mix of 1Litre Sunset Glaze with 800g of fine caster sugar.

Tips & Tricks

  • Soak the dry fruit over night in cool water.
  • Back mix on slow speed the spice, Sapore Fidelio and fruit. Add inclusions once dough has developed.
  • For Chocolate Hot Cross Buns, replace sultanas and currants with 450g Belcolade Noir Selection.
  • For the Chocolate cross mix, take out 100g of the flour and add 100g of cocoa powder.

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