Berry Sponge Cake


Working Method

  1. Warm up eggs and sugar and whip for approximately 8 minutes
  2. Keep some egg mixture aside to mix with melted butter
  3. Fold dry ingredients through, and last, add egg butter mix
  4. Fill into rings and bake immediately

  1. Bake at 170°C for approximately 35 minutes in a deck oven
  2. Line rings with baking paper

Chocolate Icing
  1. Warm up first amount of Ambiante and mix in cocoa powder
  2. Whip up Ambiante and add above mixture half way through mixing while mixing

  1. For chocolate: add on berries and chocolate decoration
  2. For matcha cake: add on mango, passionfruit and meringue decoration


  • Taste Tomorrow

Tips & Tricks

For the Matcha variation:


  • Take out the cocoa powder and add in 35g of Matcha powder and 3 drops of colour green


  • For the filling, swap out the Cremfil Classic Cocoa for Cremfil Classic Vanilla. Replace the 500g of Topfil Blueberry with 500g of the Topfil Raspberry


  • Swap out the Chocolate Icing for 800g of Ambiante