Coco-Raspberry Opera


Grams (g)
Icing Sugar 250
Almond Meal 190
Eggs 310
Butter (melted) 50
Plain flour 125
Whites 225
Sugar 50
Jaconde total 1200
Harmony Cold Neutral Glaze 150
Topfil Raspberry 750
Gelatine sheets (g) 12.5
Glaze total 912.5
Egg Whites 300
Caster Sugar 100
Icing Sugar 230
Almond meal 80
Dessicated Coconut 200
Dacquoise total 910
Coconut Ganache
Belcolade Blanc Selection X605/G 750
Coconut Cream 450
Trimoline 37
Butter (melted) 225
Coconut Ganache total 1462
Raspberry Buttercreme
Cremyvit 95
Water 260
Butter 300
Icing Sugar 120
Topfil Raspberry 100
Raspberry Buttercreme total 875

Working Method

  1. Whisk first 3 ingredients for 10 minutes
  2. Mix butter and flour into above mix
  3. Make a meringue with whites and sugar, fold through mixture
  4. Spread onto silpat mats and bake for 8-10 minutes at 200°C in deck oven

  1. Mix Hazelnut meal and coconut
  2. Make a meringue with whites and sugar, fold through dry ingredients
  3. Bake for 25 minutes at 160°C

  1. Warm up chocolate
  2. Heat up coconut cream, pour over chocolate, add Trimoline and combine
  3. Mix chocolate into cream mixture and emulsify butter last
  4. Let set before use

  1. Mix cold water with Cremyvit to make custard
  2. Whisk butter and icing sugar till fluffy, add custard while mixing
  3. Warm up Topfil Raspberry and add to above

  1. Warm up some Topfil Raspberry and add melted gelatine
  2. Combine with the rest and spread onto frozen cake
  3. Glaze with Harmony before serving

  1. Cut out Dacquoise and Jaconde
  2. Add on in the order: Daquoise, Ganache, Jaconde, Buttercreme, Jaconde, Ganache, Jaconde, Buttercreme and Topfil Raspberry.
  3. Freeze and apply glaze on top of the Topfil
  4. Cut into squares

  1. Add chocolate decoration and slightly roasted coconut

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