Granola Choc Bar


Grams (g)
Belcolade Noir Selection C501/J 190
Butter 140
Sugar 350
Oil 210
Eggs 150
Baking powder 5
Cocoa powder 10
Plain flour 330
Water 190
Cake total 1575
Deli Caramel
Deli Caramel 300
Glucose 140
Golden Syrup 80
Granola 160
Coconut dessicated 220
Softgrain Golden 6 CL 200
Cranberries (dried) 70
Topping total 870
Belcolade Noir Selection
Belcolade Noir Selection C501/J

Working Method

  1. Melt chocolate and butter, add pre-mixed sugar, oil, and eggs
  2. Add dry ingredients and combine, adding water last

  1. Bake in a flat tin at 140°C for approximately 30-45 minutes

  1. Bring golden syrup and glucose to boil
  2. Add remaining ingredients
  3. Pour mixture onto a silpat mat and roll out to 4mm using another silpat on top
  4. Refrigerate till set, cut into desired shape

  1. Cut cake into rectangle pieces then cut out an indent into the pieces
  2. Fill indent with Deli Caramel and flatten top
  3. Refrigerate till cool
  4. Dip into tempered chocolate and place topping on top

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