Cake tart

Working Method

Tart Shells
  1.  Mix Patacrout and mimetic/butter together until combined.
  2.  Add eggs and mix on slow until paste is formed. 
  3. Wrap and rest the dough. 
  4. Once rested, sheet the dough out to 3mm. 
  5. Cut and line tart mould, then blind bake at 180°C for 13 minutes.

Make Up
  1.  After tarts have cooled, half fill the tarts with selected Vivafil filling. 
  2.  Fill the remainder of the tarts with Crème Cake or Dark Moist Cake mix, then bake.

Baking Time
  • Patacrout tarts - 180°C for 13 minutes. 
  • Cake Tarts - 180°C for 12 minutes.

  • Finish with icing sugar or dark cocoa powder.

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