Berrylicious Mousse Tart


Grams (g)
Topfil Raspberry 350
Lemon Juice 7
Gelatine Sheets 12
Egg Whites 100
Caster Sugar 75
Cream 125
Ambiante 125
Mousse total 794
Butter 500
Icing Sugar 500
Eggs 250
Flour 1000
Pastry total 2250
Harmony Sublimo Neutre 200
Harmony Cold Neutral Glaze 500
Blueberry 2 punnets
Raspberry 2 Punnets
Strawberry 4 Punnets
Micro herbs Mint 1 pack
Edible Flower 1 pack
Cremfil Classic Vanilla 1080
Decoration total 1790

Working Method

  1. Warm up whites with sugar and make a meringue
  2. Warm up Topfil Raspberry and add soaked Gelatine, then fold through Meringue
  3. Fold whipped cream and whipped Ambiante under
  4. Pipe into rings and freeze

  1. Mix, rest in coolroom and line tart ring
  2. Bake at 170°C for 20 minutes

  1. Blast chill and glaze with Harmony cold glaze, then dip edge into coconut
  2. Add meringue stick, Mint leaves and flowers

About this Recipe

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