Dark Choc Mousse with Raspberry Centre

Working Method

  1.  Place the Belcolade Noir Selection into a bowl and melt over a bain-marie. 
  2.  Heat Ambiante slightly (do not let it boil) and add pre-soaked gelatine sheets.
  3.  Once dissolved stir into the melted dark chocolate.

  1.  Semi whip the Ambiante 
  2.  Add small amounts of the Ambiante into the ganache and fold. Use a whisk for the first few additions to achieve a nice emulsification and texture. 
  3.  Repeat until all of the Ambiante is folded into the ganache.

  1.  Fill mousse into sphere moulds, leaving a 1mm space at the top. 
  2.  Once all spheres are filled, inject the Topfil Raspberry into each mousse using a piping bag or syringe.
  3.  Flatten the tops and place the moulds into a freezer.

Satin Creme Cake Crumb
  1.  Follow instructions and add red food colouring
  2.  Spread mixture onto a Silpat mat and bake. 
  3.  Once completely cooled, peel off small pieces for decoration.

  1.  When the mousse is completely frozen, demould the mousse balls and glaze with Miroir Glassage.
  2.  Place glazed mousse balls on a tempered Belcolade Blanc Selection disc (or any other desired shape)
  3.  Pipe a small dollop of Topfil Raspberry on top and garnish with Satin Creme Cake crumb.

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