Tangy Vegan Mousse or Meringue?


Working Method

  1. Mix sugar with Yoghurt, warm up small amount of ambiante and mix with melted cocoa butter, mix in yoghurt
  2. Fold Ambiante under Yoghurt Mixture
  3. Mix lemon Juice and lemon zest into above mixture and use straight away, pipe into moulds, freeze and demould once frozen

  1. Combine all ingredients
  2. Add cool roasted nuts and roll out to 3mm thickness between two sheets

  1. Pipe Topfil Passionfruit into small half sphere moulds and blast freeze.

  1. Add colour to Miroir Glassage Neutre
  2. Warm up to 40 degrees and use a stick blender to smooth out glaze.

  1. Fill mousse into moulds, push Passionfruit and sponge inserts into mousse
  2. Top off with some more mousse if needed
  3. Flatten the top and place into freezer.

  1. Once completely frozen demould and glaze with pre prepared glaze.
  2. Place glazed mousse on the nut base and decorate with coconut and chocolate piece


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