Avo-Choc Mousse


Working Method

  1. Melt Belcolade chocolate and add half amount of olive oil
  2. Whip cream to soft peak
  3. Bring sugar and water to 118°C, and pour over egg mixture and whip till cool, add second half of olive oil till emulsified
  4. Dissolve soaked Gelatine in small amount of warm cream and add to melted chocolate
  5. Fold cream under, last add cool eggs and mix
  6. Fill into moulds, insert avocado filling and freeze

  1. Add purple glaze
  2. Add roasted dried black olives

  1. Use a stick blender to make Avocado Puree
  2. Mix melted gelatine with Syrup and combine all ingredients
  3. Pipe circles onto silpat mat and freeze

Madeleine Base
  1. Whip sugar and eggs for 5 min, then add milk
  2. Add all dry ingredients followed by the oil and melted butter
  3. Bake for 40 minutes at 170°C
  4. Once cold cut in half


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