Choc Hazelnut Tart


Cream 1000
Milk 500
Chocolate dark (melted) 750
Eggs 300
Hazelnut Meal 600
Cremfil Classic Vanilla 720
total 3870

Working Method

  1. Warm up cream slightly to emulsify chocolate
  2. Separate eggs and whip egg whites
  3. Add liquid ingredients to the chocolate mix followed by the hazelnut meal
  4. Fold through Whites last and pipe into tart shells

Make up
  1. Pipe a small dot of Cremfil Classic Vanilla into baked tart shell
  2. Fill tart with chocolate mixture

  1. Bake for 15-20 minutes at 110°C

  1. Dust with Cocoa powder or icing sugar once cooled and ready to serve


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