Trio Choc Spheres


Working Method

Gananche (dark)
  1. Place dark chocolate in a bowl and melt over a baine marine
  2. Heat cream slightly up (do not boil). Stir into melted chocolate to make a ganache.
  3. Fold cream under
  4. Pipe into moulds (12g) and squeeze one nut into the center, then freeze

Ganache (amber and white)
  1. Bring sugar to boil (118°C) and pour over egg yolk mixture, add melted gelatine
  2. Semi whip cream, fold through melted chocolate
  3. Fold through sabayon
  4. Pipe into moulds (12g), pipe in filling (2g) and freeze

  1. Cream butter and icing sugar
  2. Emulsify eggs and add flour
  3. Cool down, roll out and bake desired size

  1. Melt chocolate, add warm glaze to chocolate and emulsify
  2. Mix cocoa powder with water and add to above.
  3. Warm up to 40°C and use a stick blender to smooth out glaze.

  1. Fill mousse into moulds, push Passionfruit and sponge inserts into mousse
  2. Top off with some more mousse if needed
  3. Flatten the top and place into freezer.

  1. Once completely frozen de-mould and glaze with pre-prepared glaze.
  2. Place glazed mousse on the base and decorate

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